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5th Grade Activities

5th grade activities Committee

Objective: organize and execute the special promotional activities for 5th grade activities; limited to the three main items - memory book, t-shirts, and end-of-the year picnic for students and the 5th grade teachers. The Madison School administration is in charge of the promotion day event (a.k.a. graduation)


Budget: limited to the $3,000 from the Madison PTA; maintains a fair and equitable experience for each year; no additional fundraisers or solicitation of family donations; each current 5th grade student receives one t-shirt, one memory book and the picnic free of charge


Planning Committee:  All Madison families are encouraged to participate; volunteer opportunities during school hours and at home requiring just a few hours.  Reminder, if you are working on campus, you must sign-in at the school office. Please sign-up what area (t-shirts, memory book or/and picnic) you would like to share your talents or send an email to


Photos: Please select 5 to 20 of your best photos from any Madison school event since Kindergarten, group photos preferred: email as an attachment with the event and grade-level in the subject line heading for example "2nd grade Halloween"; email to:


You may also send hard copy photos, attention “PTA 5th Grade Activities Committee.”  Please label photos with event and grade level and provide envelope with your name to have photos returned after they are scanned.


Volunteer your time & talent

5th Grade Memory Book

  • Memory questionnaire: AT SCHOOL in April: develop questionnaire, distribution to teacher/students, collect, distribute to typists
  • Typists: AT HOME in May; typing students memory questionnaire
  • Cover Design Contest: AT SCHOOL activity in May; coordinate the requirements, flyer, distribution to students, collection and selection of student cover contest
  • Content Contributor: AT SCHOOL/HOME in May; request (in person/email) and follow-up obtaining good-bye messages from principal, current 5th grade teachers, other teachers and staff; type
  • Scanning: AT HOME in May; scan Madison class composites and other photos
  • Photographer: AT SCHOOL year-round; taking random photos at school, playground, library, computer lab, cafeteria, field trips, events, class group photos
  • Design Layouts: AT HOME w/ layout team create layouts using supplied photos and text

End-of-the-Year Picnic in June

  • Co-chair: work with teachers to select date, reservation with park, school calendar, check other schools park schedule for conflicts, oversee all the elements below
  • Food: determine supplies and menu item, pick-up food, drinks, ice, desserts, snacks, preparing, set-up and serving
  • Games: annual class tug-of-wars, frozen t-shirts, water balloons, carnival cut-outs, etc., securing supplies, set-up and assignment of volunteers
  • Activities: photo booth, crafts, on-going games, playground and sporting equipment, guessing games; prizes, securing supplies, set-up and assignment of volunteers
  • Errands/Runner: purchasing items, picking-up supplies, etc. prior to event
  • Chaperones/Volunteers throughout the day from 7:30am-3:00pm