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Mr. Sarabia

We Are Room 24!

LOL Projects!

LOL stands for Love Of Learning!  Click the link below to go to a website with tons of research ideas.  Choose one of the topics or come up with your own!


Research Topics for Kids

LOL Projects

For your final class project, you will be choosing a topic to learn more about.  You will create a Google Slide show to display your findings.  Then you will present your findings during a project showcase.  Here are some slides titles that you should include in your final project:


  • Title slide (Name)
  • Research Question:  What is it that you would like to learn more about?
  • What do you already know about your topic before this research?
  • The History of your topic
  • Your Findings (make sure to include pictures.  You should have more than one slide for this section)
  • Conclusion:  What is the most important things you learned about the subject?
  • Reflection:  You can use your homework menu reflection guide to write this one
  • Bibliography:  This is a list of the websites or resources that you used.  I will teach you how to do's easy!

SBAC Practice Tests

Click below for some SBAC Practice Tests.  You'll need your test ID number (The number on your test strip)


Practice Test site


Click on the links below to learn more about some famous colleges.




Stanford University


Cal State Long Beach


Search for other colleges on your own!!!

Brain pop activities

Click below to access the cool Health activities


Chef Solus


Fortifying Nutrition

People Migrating to the Americas

Please click the following links for some background information about the different theories of how people ended up in North and South America


The first Americans?


Click They followed animals through a land bridge in Alaska?


They got here by boat?


DNA begins to solve the mystery?


They've been here all along?



Holidays around the world project

You will research and report on how the holidays are celebrated in other countries.  Remember, not all countries celebrate Christmas.  Your project will be presented on a Google slideshow.  You must include the following sections in your presentation:


  • When and why are the holidays celebrated in your country?
  • What kind of foods are eaten during the holidays?
  • What are the traditions and customs during the holidays?
  • Interesting facts about your country and the holiday season
  • How is your country's traditions different from how we celebrate in the US?

You can add any other information that you wish.  You can also include pictures and transitions.  We will have a project showcase on Friday.  Click on the link below for a good website for information on holidays around the world.  As always, you can find additional information on your own by browsing the internet.


Christmas around the world


The North Pole website


Kids world travel guide


Have fun and learn lots!


Story Elements: Imaginative narrative

Click on the link below to see a presentation about story elements.  Plus, there is a cool video to go with it!


Narrative Prezi

Environmental Defenders!

Click the link below to go to the website for some fun activities in preparation for today's assembly!




LOL Projects from the past

Mr. Sarabia getting slimed! You can do this too!
Mr. Sarabia getting slimed! You can do this too!

Reading Contest: The Road to 400,000 minutes!

Month Number of minutes read as a class
September 16,211
October 12,530
November 14,963
December 15,656
January 17, 222
February 14,838
Grand Total 91,420 minutes


Mr. Sarabia is a National Board Certified Teacher
Mr. Sarabia is a National Board Certified Teacher