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City of Lakewood Suggested School Routes

The City of Lakewood "Suggested Safe Routes to School Maps" are the key to keeping youngsters safe when they walk or bike to school. The maps have easily understood symbols to show where crossing guards, traffic signals, and stop signs are located.


Street Safety Tips for Students

The Long Beach Police Department has provided the attached safety tips for students.View Flier

Back-to-School Safety Tips for Pedestrians, Motorists (from Long Beach Police)

With school starting August 30th, the Long Beach Police Department provides safety tips to avoid accidents. View Flier

Long Beach Transit: Back-to-School Reminders

Long Beach Transit asks parents to share this information with students who use city buses. View Flier (English, Spanish)



We would like to remind you to arrive early and safely before and after school. Lakewood Municipal Code PROHIBITS students from crossing the street in front of the school or from a double-parked car. Students, even when accompanied by an adult, may only cross at the corners. The only safe way to let off or pick-up your student is at the curbside adjacent to the school.