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Homework Help/Resources

District Homework Helpline

The Long Beach Unified School District provides homework help to students who are striving for excellence and achievement. Homework Helpline consists of college tutors who guide students through homework assignments via the telephone.

The service is free to all Long Beach Unified students. Homework Helpline is a rare service furnishing on-demand, personal tutoring. Tutors are equipped with school textbooks and are trained to help the students help themselves. If a student's homework is not from a textbook, it's not a problem. The tutors are highly trained and can help with almost any subject. They assist the students in approaching the problems, using a variety of methods. They are not there to simply give the answers! Sorry!

Students calling on a regular basis are rewarded with prizes. The tutors will ask for pertinent information such as full name, school of attendance, grade level, and teacher's name. They keep a database with this information, thus enabling them to send the prizes. Students calling often will profit academically and earn really cool goodies! So you can't lose! CALL TODAY!

Call (562) 437-2859

Monday through Thursday
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Long Beach School District Resources

Monthly Activity Calendars / Newsletters

Learning Activities (K-6th)

English (PDF)

Spanish (PDF)

Khmer (PDF)

Pre-school Activities

English (PDF)

Spanish (PDF)

Elementary School Activities

English (PDF)

Spanish (PDF)

District Adopted Textbooks

  • Language Arts Grades K-5: Open Court Reading 2002, SRA McGraw-Hill 200
  • Spelling Grades 1-5: Open Court Spelling & Vocabulary, SRA McGraw Hill 2002
  • Grammar & Composition Grades 2-5: Language Arts Handbook, SRA McGraw Hill 2002
  • Intervention Grades 4-5: High Point, Hampton Brown 2000
  • English Language Learners Grades 4-5: High Point, Hampton Brown 2000
  • History Social Science Grades K-5: Reflections, Harcourt Brace 2007
  • Mathematics Grades K-5: California HSP Math, Harcourt Brace Publishers 2009
  • Science Grades K-5: Macmillan California Science,Macmillan 2008
  • Health Grades K-5: Harcourt Health & Fitness, Harcourt Brace 2005

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