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Home Reading Club

PTA Presents the Home Reading Club

Welcome to Home Reading Club. The Home Reading Club is a student enrichment activity presented by the Madison PTA. The Home Reading Club encourages our Madison scholars to read at home to enhance their literacy skills. Participation in the Home Reading Club is easy!

1. Each month, Home Reading Club logs are sent home with your student.

2. Have your student read five days each week for a minimum of at least 20 minutes. Your student is welcome to read aloud or to read silently to him/herself.

3. Record the title of the book or other reading material on the Home Reading Club log. Sign the log at the end of the week, confirming that your student has completed the reading requirements.

Note: some teachers may ask that your student return the Home Reading Club log each week to meet classroom homework reading requirements.

4. Have your Madison scholar turn in his or her completed logs by the specified due dates in order to qualify for special incentives.


The Home Reading Club begins in October and ends in April. Madison scholars who complete seven out of seven Home Reading Club logs qualify for special, end-of-year recognition and additional incentives!

If you have any questions or would like to help with the Home Reading Club, please feel free to contact Jemima Heller via e-mail at or by leaving a note in the office. Thank you for helping to enhance the literacy of all our Madison scholars!


Literacy Activities and What Your Child Learns (K-5)


Kindergarten | 1st Grade | 2nd Grade | 3rd Grade | 4th Grade | 5th Grade

Elementary School / Grade K-5

The Long Beach Unified School District is committed to providing the instruction that will make every student in the district a skilled and proficient reader. Through a reading instructional program that includes sequential and explicit instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary development, and comprehension, students learn the skills and strategies necessary for them to become proficient readers.

The information that follows gives you specific details of the learning that is expected of students at each grade level, as well as examples of reading passages that a grade-level reader should be able to read. Also included are suggestions for activities you can do at home to help increase your children's reading skills. Many of these suggestions for at-home activities come from Parent Information Brochures published by the California State Department of Education Curriculum and Instruction Steering Committee, 1999.

Kindergarten | 1st Grade | 2nd Grade | 3rd Grade | 4th Grade | 5th Grade

California Reading Lists Grades K-12

These lists have been develop by the State to assist parents and students in selecting books written at a level of difficulty that corresponds with a student's reading ability as measured by state standardized test results.

The California Reading List Grades K-12 (PDF)

A bunch of books

Long Beach School District Reading Lists Grades 1-8

This page lists books selected for students by Long Beach Unified School District teachers and librarians. The books are interesting, engaging and appropriate for students in each grade level.

Some titles may be familiar to you. Others may introduce you to new authors and illustrators. Either way, be sure that the books you and your youngster select to read are ones you both find enjoyable. Recreational reading should be a pleasant experience.

While we have only included one title by each author, you will find that many of these authors have written more than one book. English teachers and librarians at your school and at the public library will be happy to help you find more books by these authors.

Reading List by Grade Level:


Read more books!!