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Student Council


Student Council makes a difference pinMadison Elementary 5th Grade Student Council                                  


Student Council is a group of students who have an important leadership role in our school and raise school spirit.  Student Council is made of up 5th grade students who help organize and participate in fun, educational, and community activities that benefit all students at Madison.


Student Council activities include:

  • Planning monthly Madison Spirit Days

  • Helping promote Growth Mindset

  • Assisting with cross-age tutoring programs

  • Participating in monthly Spirit Assemblies

  • Helping PTA with activities such as ice-cream sales, fundraisers, Meet the Masters, and other activities.


Student Council members must:

  • Follow the Madison Mustangs’ Guidelines for Success

  • Be able to attend lunchtime meetings

  • Participate in Student Council activities

  • Be available to come in before/after school

  • Have the permission of your teacher and parents

  • Display leadership qualities

  • Work well with others

  • Be enthusiastic and excited!

Our Student Council
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