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Programas De Asistencia De Uniformes En Madison

El propósito del código de uniforme en la escuela Madison es de presentar un ambiente profesional y académico para los niños. Los uniformes de los estudiantes en Madison reflejan una actitud de respeto y un compromiso con el trabajo de aprendizaje. Par ayudar a nuestras familias durante estos tiempos económicos, tenemos los siguientes programas disponibles (todas las peticiones escritas son estrictamente confidenciales): 

• Operación School Bell (OSB) – Venga a la oficina para llenar una forma de autorización de los padres, para que su hijo/a reciba una mochila nueva, uniforme, chaqueta/sudadera, calcetines y otros materiales escolares de la Liga de asistencia de Long Beach. 

• Programa Traiga / Tome un Uniforme((de uniformes disponibles hasta se acaben) – Venga a Madison y done o reciba uniformes usados. Las donaciones pueden ser dejadas en la oficina en cualquier día.

Madison Uniforms



The purpose of the uniform dress code at Madison School is to present a professional and academic atmosphere for children.  The dress of students at Madison reflects an attitude of self-respect and a commitment to the hard work of learning.  Thank you for your support in helping students to be serious about their school work.


The Madison uniform:

Tops for Boys and Girls                                              Bottoms for Boys

Color:  Solid white, red or navy/dark blue                Color:  Solid navy/dark blue or khaki 

                                                                                         Style:   Pants, blue jeans or shorts

Style:   Shirt with/without collar, polo shirt,                              

             or  turtleneck                                                     Bottoms for Girls

Logos can be no larger than                                     Color:  Solid navy/dark blue or khaki

            1” square                                                            Style:   Jumpers, skorts, skirts, shorts, pants or blue jeans


All hats must have at least a 2”-3” brim all around and be a plain school color.  Madison logo hats are



Outer Wear

Any solid colored jacket or rainwear is acceptable.  Logos can be no larger than 1” square.  Sweaters or

sweatshirts must be solid red, white, or navy/dark blue.


Madison School shirts and sweatshirts may be worn any day.  Other Madison School related shirts may also be worn (i.e., Hi Hill, STAR, Jump Rope for Heart, etc.).  Scout and campfire uniforms may be worn to school on meeting days.  Shirts and blouses must be tucked in while in classroom. Any shirt hanging below the hip must be tucked in at all times.


Dress code for all students

All students must adhere to district School Dress Standards as found in the Guidelines for Parents and Students and our school policy. Clothing worn to school, whether uniform or not, must fit properly and be neat and clean. All shirts and blouses are to be worn tucked in while in classrooms. Generally, students are not to be attired in clothing that compromises safety or modesty or is disruptive to the educational process.  This includes apparel with logos, offensive or degrading language or symbols, revealing or tight clothing, bare midriffs, halter tops, tank tops, short shorts, oversized, baggy or saggy clothing which allows underwear to be exposed or “gang-related” apparel.  Hats or scarves of any kind are not allowed on campus, unless they meet the guidelines above.  Approved hats may only be worn outdoors.  No leggings, sweatpants, or bicycle shorts may be worn (unless worn under skirt or jumper).  Also prohibited are jewelry items that may potentially cause injury, sunglasses (exceptions include medical reasons), and other decorations, ornaments and accessories not appropriate for elementary school. Parents will be notified if their student violates the dress code, and students will be required to change their clothing.

Uniform Assistance

Assistance League Long BeachThe purpose of the uniform dress code at Madison School is to present a professional and academic atmosphere for children. The dress of students at Madison reflects an attitude of self-respect and a commitment to the hard work of learning. In order to assist our families during these economic times, we have the following programs available (All written requests are strictly confidential): 


• Operation School Bell (OSB) – Come in to the office to fill out a Parent Authorization Letter for your child to receive a new backpack, uniform, jacket/sweatshirt, socks and other school supplies from the Assistance League of Long Beach. For more information please email or complete the authorization form and submit to the office (PDF)


• Uniform Give/Take Donation Program (from available stock while supplies last) – Come to Madison and donate or receive gently used uniforms. Donations can be dropped off in the office any day.